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Vegetables which are easy to find and use.
While fruits are tasty and easy to eat, they are often expensive and cannot be grown at home, as most fruits grow on trees. Comparatively vegetables can be cultivated easily, at home in the kitchen garden, especially if the soil and weather are suitable. It will also save time and money spent visiting the local vegetable vendor to buy fresh vegetables.
In tropical coastal areas some of the easily grown vegetables are

1. Tomatoes
2. Chilli
3. Mint
4. Brinjal
5. Ladyfinger
6. Karela

During the monsoon the vegetables plant will grow fast, but in winter their growth may be slow. One of the greatest problems faced for these plants are pests, especially rats, mice, cockroaches, which will eat up the entire plant if the plant has not been protected well. Earlier seeds from overripe vegetables could be used to grow the plants, but some users prefer to buy seeds from specialized seed sellers.

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